7th Aug 2016

Welcome to Where’d You Get That!?’s on-line store.

As many of you who have visited our physical location know, we have quite a selection of items covering many categories. We have selected a number of items to get the on-line store into operation and will continually add more products. We are a specialty retailer and since our job is to introduce new products to the public, many of the items you will see will not be always available and will be replaced by other new items.

Ordering is easy! We can ship via US Mail, UPS or you can save by ordering and picking up your items in our store.

We look forward to providing the same customer service on-line that you’ve become accustomed to in our store. We encourage your comments and suggestions and have created this blog so we can stay in contact and provide you with information about new products, industry information and keep up a dialog with you, our customers & friends.

Thank you for the opportunity to be of service.

Michele & Ken

Just to get you started in choosing the age appropriate gift or learning tool we've included a list from our friends at ASTRA (American Specialty Toy Retailers Association):